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EvREsearch LTD triangulates research, education and leadership, where every search is a journey of knowledge discovery.

Mission of EvREsearch LTD:

Inspire next-generation leaders to contribute with balance across our globally-interconnected civilization.

Objectives of EvREsearch LTD

The objectives of EvREsearch LTD are interlinked with Science Diplomacy as an “international, interdisciplinary and inclusive process, involving informed decisionmaking to balance national interests and common interests for the benefit of all on Earth across generations.”  

  • Education Objective: Train informed decisionmaking as a fundamental skill to operate short-to-long term with lifelong learning in our digital era.
  • Research Objective: Stimulate curiosity with tools and methods that promote knowledge discovery.
  • Leadership Objective: Enhance capacities of science diplomats to build common interests in the face of change.

Borromean Ring Logo of EvREsearch LTD

Symbolizing unity with inclusion of three closed curves that are inseparable.

Colors of EvREsearch TLD

The three primary colors represent inclusion with unlimited potential diversity of mixtures by individual design. 

Triangulation with EvREsearch LTD

The concept of synergies emerges with triangulation, integrating complexities into simplicity that has practical relevance.  Examples of triangulation include:

  • Past-Present-Future as the essence of time to understand and address in view of changing circumstances (highlighting the Greek letter Δ as the symbol of change);
  • Content-Context-Structure as the interconnected elements of information that create meaning
  • International-Interdisciplinary-Inclusive as an holistic framework for building common interests among allies and adversaries alike;
  • Science-Technology-Innovation as forces of creativity that contribute to sustainable development at local-global levels; and
  • Education-Research-Leadership as integrated elements for lifelong learning to produce informed decisions that operate short-to-long term.

The concept of synergy among triangulated elements of a system was introduced by Richard Buckminster Fuller, involving his architectural reduction to practice with geodesic domes in 1954.   With societal relevance, as a pedagogical approach stimulated by inquiry with self-realization, triangulation and trinities offer guidance across our lifetimes.

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